Basurto – San Mamés

Underground routing of the FEVE line in Basurto

The urban integration of the Adif Ancho Métrico line as it passes through the Bilbao neighbourhoods of Basurto and Rekalde and the opening of the Basurto-Hospital station in January 2010 marked the conclusion of the major work for the underground routing of the railway line that changed the face of this neighbourhood.

The implementation of the new route helped free up the train platform, where a section of 1,500 linear metres was developed, now giving priority to pedestrians.

In this area, in addition to the underground routing of the 2.7 km route and building the new station, BILBAO Ría 2000 urbanised Calle Camino de la Estación, which was converted into a boulevard and provided different urban connections for pedestrians and vehicles.


  • Commissioning of the underground line and the Basurto-Hospital station 25 January 2010
  • Length of the new underground route: 2.7 km. (including a new tunnel at Olabeaga)
  • Elimination of the Masustegi level crossing
  • Removal of the bridge between Calle Urkiola and Calle Camilo Villabaso
  • New 10,000 m2 boulevard on the old route on Calle Camino de la Estación
  • New pedestrian and road connections

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