East Galindo Riverside Park (new project)



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BILBAO Ría 2000 is proud to unveil its Nervion Riverside Park. This project opens Barakaldo up to the river.
A new space combining gardens, open-air activities, areas where you can walk or run, cycle or skate, with places to sit and take in the view, meadows and a grassy “green beach” for sunbathing, water sports and much more.
Break with tradition and step into a new space, designed for all the inhabitants of Barakaldo to enjoy and planned to be as sustainable and accessible as possible. This park was carefully conceived to be environmentally- and resource- friendly and low maintenance.
BILBAO Ría 2000.
parque ribera galindo
  1. Panoramic terrace
  2. Pedestrian walkway with views
  3. Franco Belga dock
  4. Landscaped slopes and woodland
  5. Tiered seating
  6. Promenade for open-air activities
  7. Skatepark and parkour
  8. Cycle-path
  9. Footpath along the riverbank
  10. Riverside footpath
  11. Multi-purpose hall
  12. Grassy area to enjoy the sunshine
  13. Access to riverbank
  14. Tiered seating and kayak store
  15. Terraced path
  16. Area pending detailed study
Initial draft – the final project may vary in some details.   espacios-de-ocio-en-urban-galindozonas-de-ocio-en-urban-galindolinea-de-tren-soterradoedificio-multiusos

Total area: 10.7 hectares
Area covered by parkland: 9.1 hectares
Winning project “Gardens in motion” • UTE Burgos&Garrido Arquitectos • SLP/TYPSA Técnica y Proyectos S.A.

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