Galindo Este riverside park

The estuary front in the Galindo-Este area is going to be thoroughly remodelled by BILBAO Ría 2000 to install a riverside park. The urban design of this new space is the subject of a Project Tender with the intervention of a Jury that will be resolved in the coming months. The tender includes the planning and design of the area with the drafting of the preliminary development project and the project and construction management of the Ribera del Nervión Park, which will be the backbone of the estuary. Most of the urbanisation of Urban-Galindo is now consolidated, but the areas along the estuary are yet to be developed, and are emerging as a new area of opportunity. The aim of this tender is to define these spaces by seeking an integral design, which is coherent with what has already been executed and enhances their possibilities in a way that increases their urban quality and adds value to the rest of the city, taking on board the current demands for specific uses in the urban environment. The scope of the tender covers the RES AL-1, EQ-1, ZV-2, ZV-5, ZV-6, EL-5 and EL-6 plots, which account for a total area of around 10.7 hectares (106,667 m2). The Park will cover an area of approximately 9 hectares (91.290 m2).

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