Ribera Park

The Ribera Park was the first major finished work that visitors and the citizens of Bilbao were able to visit and enjoy in Abandoibarra. The project executed, which won a competition, was that of Javier López Chollet’s team. Its design borders the estuary between Palacio Euskalduna and Uribitarte and connects the existing promenades.

The park is also home to an important collection of sculptures along the so-called “Paseo de la Memoria” (Memory Promenade), sculptures that remind us of the industrial power and strength of the area where these works by outstanding Basque and international artists are now located.


  • Opening date: 28 March 2003
  • Surface area: 48,000 m2
  • Length: 800 linear metres
  • Width: Between 40 and 120 metres
  • Wharf: 1,700 m2 with pontoon
  • Park organised on three terraces connected by ramps and stairs
  • Sculptures by Anthony Caro, Eduardo Chillida, Ángel Garraza, Markus Lüpertz, Ulrich Ruckriem, William Tucker and José Zugasti

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