Rail Infraestructures

San Mamés Station

San Mamés station-hub was one of the first infrastructures conceived in Bilbao to expressly serve as a hub between the different public transport systems. A large central hall provides access to the Metro, Renfe Cercanías and Bilbao Intermodal services. The Tram stop is located next to the main entrance.

The Cercanías Renfe station was completely renovated, giving it a new access from the Torres Quevedo roundabout and an interior structure in which the meticulous architectural and artistic elements made it one of the most spectacular on the Cercanías line.

The work for the underground routing of this station, which culminated in the Southern Railway Bypass operation, also included the development of Calle J.A. Zunzunegui, which replaced the old open-air railway trench. Calle Gurtubay and Plaza Torres Quevedo were also redeveloped, under which an underground car park was built.


  • Opening date: 13 December 2004
  • Project: Pelayo Suárez Smith
  • Central hall of 1,200 m2
  • Underground car park Plaza Torres Quevedo
  • Urbanisation of Calle J.A. Zunzunegui, Calle Gurtubay and Plaza Torres Quevedo
  • Four artistic murals by Jesús María Lazkano were installed on the platforms of the Adif station

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