Bilbao La Vieja

The Cantalojas Bridge

After its complete renovation, Cantalojas Bridge became a large public square which, in addition to improving the general appearance of the area, led to the reorganisation of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, facilitating the connection between Bilbao la Vieja and the Ensanche.

This action also included the redevelopment of the surrounding streets: Mena, García Salazar and Plaza del Dr. Fleming. The square is presided over by Manolo Valdés’ sculpture “The Exorcist”, which the artist created in collaboration with the writer Mario Vargas Llosa, author of the text that accompanies it.


  • Opening date: 26 October 2004
  • Surface area of the action: 5,480 m2
  • Expansion and redevelopment of the bridge into a square and of the surrounding area
  • Monumental sculpture “The Exorcist”, by Manolo Valdés, with text by Mario Vargas Llosa

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