Basurto – San Mamés

Buildings in Miribila

The municipal police and fire services, previously located in the buildings of the Garellano barracks, were relocated to the buildings constructed by BILBAO Ría 2000 in Miribilla.

The building intended for Civil Protection has a large shed with capacity to align twenty-two lorries ready to leave and the corresponding fireman’s poles to facilitate the firemen’s direct access to the vehicles in case of emergency. There are three floors above the shed.

The Citizen Security headquarters, a star-shaped building, has a ground floor where the shooting gallery, the cells and other facilities are located, the access floor and three more floors. On the top floor there is a space reserved for holding crisis meetings when circumstances require.

In addition to its striking floor plan, one of the characteristic elements of the Civil Protection and Citizen Security buildings, designed by the Coll-Barreu studio, winner of a Competition for Ideas held in 2005, is its striking facade which, thanks to the strategic location of these facilities, is visible from many points in Bilbao and its surroundings and from the road accesses to the city, including the A-8 and A-68 motorways.


  • Transfer date: March 2012
  • Total built area: 29,252 m2
  • Plot surface area: 19,155 m2
  • Training tower, 1,511 m2 and 32.5 metres high
  • Civil Protection Building: Shed with capacity for 22 lorries and three floors with a central space for physical exercise
  • Public Safety Building: Ground floor with a shooting gallery, cells and other facilities and three floors with different equipment
  • Pedestrian walkway between the two buildings with a library and documentation centre

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