Pneumatic refuse collection system

Galindo has two pneumatic waste collection stations. The first has been in operation since 2002 while the second, located by the Beurko district, came into service in May 2006.

Pneumatic waste collection is a pioneering method in the Basque Country that BILBAO Ría 2000 introduced for the first time in Ametzola. This system allows the waste to be transferred automatically to a collection centre through a network of underground pipes. This avoids the need to use heavy vehicles at night and allows for more hygienic use, and also encourages separate collection.


  • Opening date: 03 May 2006
  • Filter area for cleaning the air used in transport
  • Cyclone zone
  • Filling and compacting area
  • Truck entrance pit and ramp
  • Container platform equipped with a bridge crane
  • Control room

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