Plaza Pormetxeta

Plaza de Pormetxeta, located between the centre of Barakaldo and Urban-Galindo, connects both areas and provides access to the residents of Barakaldo to the estuary environment. Equipped with an innovative and avant-garde design, Plaza de Pormetxeta is configured as a space for walking and recreation that also serves to notably improve connectivity and accessibility throughout the area in which it is located. Before this work, Calle Pormetxeta was a very inaccessible road, with slopes of up to 23%, so one of the priorities was to correct this deficit. The pedestrian ramps built, allowing cross traffic between different areas of Urban-Galindo, starting from Calle Pormetxeta, solve the previously existing connectivity and accessibility problems, at the same time. The action was carried out by the team formed by Javier Fresneda, Javier San Juan and Javier Peña, who accepted the commission through the Europan 6 Competition for young architects.


  • Opening date: 29 December 2010
  • Total surface area of the action: 30,000 square metres
  • Developed area: 26,000 square metres
  • Commercial premises: 2,000 square metres
  • Children’s playground

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