Lasesarre Park

Lasesarre Park, located mainly on the land once occupied by the old football pitch, is made up of a group of small squares, valleys and hills that break up the flat aspect of the original site and help to define different environments. The vegetation also contributes to marking differentiated environments within the general area. In addition, the park has nine courts specially conditioned for the playing popular games such as Calva, Petanque and Tuta. Inside the green area, an untitled sculpture signed by the prestigious American artist Joel Shapiro was installed. The project for this park was carried out by the architects Dirk Bertuleit and Sandra Töpfer, with the collaboration of Iñigo de Viar. Töpfer and Bertuleit were winners of the EUROPAN 5 competition for young architects and are also the authors of the project for remodelling Boulevard Murrieta, adjacent to the park.


  • Opening date: 15 February 2005
  • Total surface area: 22,000 square metres
  • Park surface area: 15,910 square metres
  • 9 courts for traditional games, area for skateboarding and children’s playground
  • Sculpture by the American artist Joel Shapiro

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