Lasesarre Football Pitch

The new football pitch in Lasesarre was built according to a project by the architect Eduardo Arroyo, who also designed the nearby Plaza de Desierto. The building’s design minimises its visual impact via a system of trellis walls giving it great luminosity and avoiding the appearance of a closed block, common in other similar facilities.

The structure consists of 16 independent modules, each of which has accesses, services and a translucent polycarbonate roof allowing natural light to reach the stands. In the northern part of the pitch there is a green area with 1001 poplars, forming a unique space, like an urban forest.


  • Opening date: 30 September 2003 (opening match: Barakaldo CF-Athletic Club)
  • Total surface area: 24,344 m2
  • Pitch measurements: 105×68 m. (9,458 m2)
  • Capacity: 7,960 seats
  • Four lighting towers
  • Changing rooms, social club and equipment and services

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