Galindo Este riverside park

The Ribera de Galindo Park occupies the strip between the river and the ring road. It has several walkways, the main one, which defines the shape of the space, is sixty meters wide with a winding layout. A cycle lane runs along the river bank, like a towpath, and connects the park with the current network of cycle paths in the municipality.

The vegetation planted is used to reinforce the layout of the walks and to protect the recreational and walking areas. The most common species are maple, yew, sweetgum and gingko, which are also accompanied by horse chestnut, cedar, beech, ash, willow, rowan, oak and holm oak. The park also has a special area for skateboarding.


  • Opening date: 12 December 2005
  • Total area of the park: 20,037 square metres
  • The main promenade: 4,481 square metres
  • Length: 915 metres
  • Cycle lane and skateboarding area

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