Pneumatic waste collection system

Among the equipment available to Ametzola is the central pneumatic waste collection. It was once a pioneering system in the Basque Country when BILBAO Ría 2000 installed it in Ametzola and Barakaldo. It has the capacity to serve up to 10,000 homes from which waste is sent, via a pneumatic system, to an underground selective collection centre. The system avoids the passage of vehicles at night and prevents inconveniences and hygiene problems by automatically removing the waste several times a day. The waste is “aspirated” by a compressed air system and taken to the corresponding container in the plant.


  • Surface area of the Solid Urban Waste plant: 900 m2
  • Maximum capacity: Waste produced by 10,000 households
  • Operation: Users deposit the waste in boxes and an air suction system transports it to the plant along underground pipes

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