Ametzola Park

Ametzola Park is one of BILBAO Ría 2000’s most important actions in terms of the recovery of green spaces. It is an area of 36,000 square metres that replaced the barrier that used to exist between the Ensanche and the Rekalde district. The promenades, the pergola (situated above the new station), the sculpture by Miquel Navarro (12 metres high and made of aluminium) and the pond are the most characteristic elements of a project that was designed by Javier López Chollet as a result of a national tender. Children from schools in the area were also involved in its design, helping the architects to understand the wishes of future users.

The park is a transit area between the new homes and the Gordóniz area, which links the Rekalde neighbourhood with the rear of La Casilla Sports Pavilion, where a small, sheltered square is home to the “Mercury” sculpture by the sculptor Casto Solano


  • Opening date: 25 September 1998
  • Total surface area: 36,000 m2
  • Trees: 457 different species
  • Two large promenades and a 989 m2 sheet of water
  • A metal pergola above the station gallery

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