Ametzola-Irala lift

A public lift links the Bilbao neighbourhoods of Ametzola and Irala, separated by a hillside preventing direct pedestrian connection between the two. The project consists of two towers of lifts, one of which is for general use. The other is available to users of the existing underground car park for residents in the area. These two lifts overcome the almost ten metres of natural barrier caused by the Irala hillside, and are installed at the end of the Avenida del Ferrocarril and, at its highest level, connect with a footbridge leading to Calle Batalla de Padura, in the Irala district.


  • Opening date: 11 February 2008
  • Two towers of lifts (one for the general public and one for users of an underground car park)
  • General use tower: 22.5 metres high and a lift with capacity for 20 people per trip
  • Tower for car park users: 14.75 metres high and a lift with capacity for 8 people per trip
  • The project was the result of collaboration between the engineering firm Esteyco and the IMB architecture studio

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