Plaza de Euskadi

Plaza de Euskadi, which connects the Ensanche and Abandoibarra and has areas for recreation and walking, is a large green space for transition between Doña Casilda park and Campa de los Ingleses park.

This urban furnishing is the axis of the whole design by Cesar Pelli to connect Abandoibarra with the Ensanche. Its extension is similar to that of the Plaza de Moyúa and here we find the junction between Calle Ramón Rubial, from the Pedro Arrupe footbridge; Deusto Bridge; and Avenida Lehendakari Leizaola , from the Euskalduna Congress Centre. Plaza de Euskadi is also the connection point with Mazarredo and Elcano.


  • Opening date: 18 March 2011
  • Interior area of the square: 6,600 m2
  • Trees planted: 91
  • A central promenade and a perimeter promenade with cycle lane

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