Extension of Doña Casilda Park

The extension works of Doña Casilda Park were opened to the public in March 2006. The extension now reaches the Hotel Meliá and the adjoining residential buildings. A pedestrian boulevard was created in front of these buildings, which recovered the name of the old park road -Eduardo Mª Victoria de Lecea- that links the new green area and the buildings.

These works involved connecting Abandoibarra with the most central park in the city and were carried out in the area between Euskalduna Palace and Plaza de Euskadi.


  • Opening date: 28 March 2006
  • Total surface of the work: 30,000 square metres
  • Area of the park extension: 18,559 square meters, with 283 new trees and more than 700 shrubs
  • New promenades: 1,579 linear metres and 13,300 square metres of surface area
  • New Eduardo Mª Victoria in Lecea Boulevard
  • Complementary works: Demolition of the old road in the park, reinforcement of the channelling of the Elguera and Masustegui streams and land drainage and consolidation

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