Campa de los Ingleses Park

The Campa de los Ingleses park is one of the green spaces of Abandoibarra and an area for recreation and walking that connects Abandoibarra and the Ensanche and connects the different levels between the two areas.

This park occupies the space between the Guggenheim Museum and Deusto Bridge and surrounds the new buildings in Abandoibarra, such as the University of Deusto Library, the UPV Assembly Hall and Iberdrola Tower, among others.

The design chosen through an International Competition for Ideas was the one by the team led by Diana Balmori, co-designer of the Abandoibarra Master Plan and in charge of the Plaza de Euskadi project.


  • Opening date: 11 September 2011
  • Total surface area: 24,580 square metres
  • Grass surface area: 19,527 square metres
  • Trees: 109 trees, 2,119 bushes and a moss garden

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