Avenida de las Universidades

Inaugurated alongside the Pedro Arrupe footbridge and the Paseo de Abandoibarra. The Avenue was completely reopened on 23 March 2003, once the refurbishment work had been completed, which involved widening it from 2 to 9 metres over a length of 650 metres. The surface area of the new promenade is 5,814 m2.

The Avenue connects the Paseo de Botica Vieja and Campo de Volantín.


  • Opening date: 23 December 2002
  • Total surface area: 5,814 m2
  • Length: 646 linear metres
  • Characteristics: 4-m pavement, 2.5-m cycle lane, 2-m landscaped parterre and 2 two-way traffic lanes

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