Alameda Mazarredo

The final section of the Alameda de Mazarredo, between the junction with Calle Heros and Plaza de Euskadi, was opened to pedestrians and drivers in July 2010. Thanks to this action, which made it possible to place the Alameda de Mazarredo on the same level as the Puente de la Salve, this section became a viewpoint overlooking the estuary via Abandoibarra and Uribitarte.

An underground car park for residents was built underneath the area. In the section between Calle Heros and Puente de la Salve three triangular-shaped viewpoints were installed, which project over the structure of the retaining wall.


  • Opening date: 27 July 2010
  • Total surface area: 22,600 square metres
  • Extension of the urban park: 5,051 square metres
  • Landscaped area: 2,400 square metres
  • Section length: 507 metres
  • Underground car park: 188 spaces for residents

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